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First off, I would like to use this time to acknowledge that I’ve reached a total of 0.000002 million followers. I wasn’t sure how far I’d take this whole writing thing especially since the Engineering types aren’t too famous for their communication skills. I do greatly appreciate it since I know the writing is mediocre but maybe my thoughts convey meaning.

Social “Me”-dia

I hate social media. I dislike the shallow representation of the human experience and the engineered manipulation of human emotion. Originally, it is easy to see how it stems from connecting individuals. When money entered the…

The title catches your eye, and you commit.

The page loads up and you’re in for it now. You read this line and got bored. Better check if the article is generic and going to spit out clichés. You scroll on ahead to quickly read the titles. On to the next paragraph. Wait a second, what’s going on here? The headings don’t relate to the title at all. The odd delivery is more intriguing, so you decide to read it in its entirety.

Hands-down you’ve wasted the afternoon as the clock strikes 6:30 PM. You swear this is the last…

We wrapped our hands around technology, then it started moving.

Our project logo for Team Tensile Tester. There was only two of us.

As a budding technologist, my final project at the Mechatronics and Robotics program was a tensile tester. In short, it’s a machine that would test the strength of various materials that would either compress or stretch until failure. My partner and I did not do much in terms of altering the mechanics as the current structure was capable of 1000 lbs loads. As important as that piece of technology was to me and my educational development, the real star was a small 10 Ω resistor.

The tensile tester was a…

It was the only thing I could do.

Photo by Marco Tjokro on Unsplash

It’s odd how I ended up writing and enjoying it too. During most of my life, even up until after high school, writing was something I just hated. I can even recall times in elementary school where it would take an excessive amount of time for me to even write two sentences. Paired with a miscategorization into the ESL program, I wasn’t off to a great start. Yes, part of it is due to my slow nature. The other part was my penmanship. Neither got better.

This struct me the worst when…

It’s not just about what I can do.

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On the surface level, freedom entails all the things I could do and say. This does not translate to being free from consequences. Even though the freedom we enjoy in North America is great, it is not enough.

Normally, freedom is the release of a constraint, especially for action. I’m free to share my opinions but sometimes I talk too much. I’m not quite free from debt so I have some constraints in purchasing. There is one form of freedom that I think might be the most important.

Free to dream.


Becoming an Instructor

Photo by Dom Fou on Unsplash

My academic journey has been unconventional but yet there are quite a few who have chosen the same path. As high school was coming to a close, I applied for the Mechatronics and Robotics program at BCIT. I was too late. On the waitlist I go. Surprisingly nothing happened, I apply for the next intake. Looking back, I can only imagine the amount of luck needed for that start.

At first, none of us realized what exactly we had signed up for. Two-year diploma, get the all-important practical skills and start working in industry before anyone who…

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The coronavirus pandemic has persisted for almost two years and the attitude towards it has varied. Some people, labeled as Covid Deniers or Covidiots, are still skeptical of the existence of the virus or refuse to do things as recommended such as wearing a mask, staying at home, or getting vaccinated. For some, the message seems clear, but it just isn’t getting through to others.

Speak Precisely

One of the issues that plague society is misinformation but even worse so is the obsession with information. Information has become the new bible and the daily statistics of the gospel passages. …

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My academic journey started in a Food Trailer. A solid two months of frying potatoes in a trailer with eight deep-fryers. Every dollar would eventually go to paying my tuition for a Diploma in Mechatronics and Robotics. While the diploma is useful, I chose to go back into the gauntlet and pursue my degree in Electrical Engineering. At the time, I had was about three months of savings so I would need financial assistance.

Over the last three years, student loans have acted as a safety net. Thanks to mandatory co-ops in the Engineering department, the combined loans and grants…

As a soon-to-be Electrical Engineer, documentation is larger part of the job than most people expect. Technical writing ranges from the number of lab reports, instructions, and technical manuals. For some reason, referencing equations in Microsoft Word has been built in with their equation tool.

If you are familiar with the shortcut, to bring up equations in Word simply press ‘Alt’ + ‘+’. You will get a prompt:

There are two main formats that Word provides, Display and Inline. Left-click on the bar to the right and you can get a drop-down menu to select the format.

Isaiah Regacho

As a Student, Assistant Instructor, and Engineer, I've helped many peers with a variety of technical issues. Thanks for reading my stuff. :)

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